How can I customize my object fields?

Here's how to take exactly the inventory data you need.

Taking the objects alone does not help you for your inventory. The objects list can only be used with information, for example on the location, the brand or the guarantee of an object.


You can use the field definition to customize the information that is to be recorded and displayed for an object. You can create new fields and, for example, decide whether fields are mandatory, should be displayed on the scanner and much more.


And this is how it works:

1. Go to the Settings menu

2. Click on Field definitions (objects)

3. You can here

  • create new fields 
  • edit existing fields
  • delete them again if you no longer need them.

Note that you can only delete fields that you created yourself. You cannot delete the fields created by ITEXIA.

We have separate articles for you on the individual steps:

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