How do I connect my RFID scanner?

ITEXIA offers you the opportunity to scan in RFID labels. We'll show you how to connect the RFID scanner here.

Scanning RFID labels has the great advantage that you do not have to hold each label individually in the camera, but can scan all labels in a room at once.


The setup of the RFID scanner differs in two ways. You can connect RFID guns to your smartphone via Bluetooth or connect them to industrial scanners as an external device. We'll show you both ways.


Pairing as a Bluetooth device with the smartphone:


1. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and select the RFID scanner

Make sure the scanner is turned on and looking for a new connection. Often there is a Bluetooth button on the scanner that you have to press to pair.

If you have problems pairing, check whether the scanner is connected to another device and unpair it if necessary.


2. Android: Open the app and go to the settings menu Scan mode

    iOS: Open the app and go to the Advanced menu.


3. Android: Click on Bluetooth device and select the appropriate RFID scanner

    iOS: Click on RFID and select the appropriate scanner


Coupling as an external scanner (e.g. RFD2000) with the industrial scanner:


1. Insert the switched-on industrial scanner into the RFID gun

You can check whether the scanner is connected in the 123RFID app. To do this, download the app on the scanner, navigate to Settings and Reader List. Here you can connect the scanner (e.g. TC20) if this did not happen automatically.


2. Open the ITEXIA app and go to the settings menu scan mode


3. Select External Scanner. The corresponding RFID scanner is selected automatically.