How do I import my existing objects list into ITEXIA?

Here you can find out how you can import an inventory list that has already been maintained into the ITEXIA inventory manager - including a tutorial video.

If you already have access to a well-kept objects list, the ITEXIA inventory manager offers you the option of importing your data. In this article we will show you what preparations you need to make and how to proceed step by step.

You can also watch the tutorial video at the end.

That's how it works:

Before importing, make sure that you have already created all the fields in the ITEXIA inventory manager that you want to import. So if you want to import a file with the field "warranty date", create this field in the inventory manager.

We'll show you how to create fields here.


1. Go to the Import/Export menu

2. Click on the objects tab and then on File Format

3. Add a new template

With the import template you determine which fields of your import file should be imported. If you have already created a suitable template, you can use it again and again afterwards.

We'll show you how this works in detail here.


4. Click on the upload icon and import your data into the template

We explain the import process in detail here.


We have summarized all of this for you in a short tutorial on importing object lists:

Import Englisch (subbed)