How do I use room labels?

With room labels, you can make your inventory process even easier - here's how.


Assigning room labels allows you to take inventory without having to pre-select in the App each new room you enter. Simply scan the room label as you enter the room, and the app knows directly where you are.


Note: Especially if you wish to inventory many rooms, it makes sense to use room labels. 

Feel free to contact us at to order your room labels.


Example of a room label:


  • The location, room number and room name are encoded in the QR code of the room labels.
  • When assigning room labels, make sure to assign a unique room number to the rooms.
  • The room numbers should be different from the inventory scan codes.
  • If you have rooms with the same number in different buildings, it helps to use letters in front of the room number, e.g.:
    • Meeting room Dresden = D.M1.01
    • Meeting room Berlin = B.M1.01



  1. When taking inventory for the first time, it is best to attach the corresponding room label to the door frame of the respective room
  2. During the inventory, always scan the room label before entering a room
  3. Confirm the room change in the app


Important: In order for the room labels to be recognized by the app, the locations and rooms must already be created in the ITEXIA web app.

You can learn how to create a new location here.

How to add new rooms, please click here