How to use labels on my objects?

Here we show you 3 ways how you can easily use labels for your inventory items.

You have 3 options:

1. Use our pre-printed inventory labels

Because our labels are particularly durable, perfect for inventory management and are already in use by many customers. You have the choice between simple inventory labels, security labels or RFID labels (for reading from up to 6 meters away). These can be personalized with the company logo and according to your wishes.


2. You print labels yourself with a label printer

The effort for you is usually higher compared to option a.

Note that most label printers literally only print the information on the labels and there is therefore the risk that the information will fade after a short time (* receipt effect "). The information and codes are" burned "onto our labels, which takes a long time Durability and visibility guaranteed.

It is also possible to print labels directly from the ITEXIA software. Simply select the inventory and print out the corresponding stored number (e.g. inventory number, system number or ID) using the "print function". ATTENTION: We currently only offer this feature in the Enterprise version and will be activated there accordingly.

3. You already have your own labels

You are also welcome to use this, because we support all common scan types such as QR code, barcode, data matrix code, etc. or existing serial numbers (with iOS). Simply read out with the ITEXIA app by camera or with an industrial scanner.


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