What can the ITEXIA app do?

The ITEXIA app makes inventory child's play. We'll show you an overview of all functions here.

The app lets you scan in objects in no time and then synchronizes them directly with your ITEXIA inventory manager. So you can say goodbye to your lengthy inventory.


In our tutorial video we show you an overview of the app:


App iOS Englisch mit iPhone (subbed)




The android tutorial video is currently in german, an english version will be updated soon.

Android App (Englische Untertitel)


First of all, download the app. We'll show you how it works here. You can install the app on your smartphone or use an industrial scanner.


After you have labeled your objects, you can scan it directly with the ITEXIA app and add it to your ITEXIA inventory management. Simply enter all features for the objects in the app.


We'll show you how to scan an object here.

Here we will show you the advantages of an industrial scanner.


When scanning, the app always knows where you are - you can either manually pre-select the room, or you can assign your rooms your own room labels and scan it when you enter the room. If you then scan an object, you forgive or confirm its current location.


We'll show you how to make a preselection here.


A super useful tool of the app is the statistics display. During the inventory you can see which objects have already been taken in this room and which you still have to scan.


You can also use the settings to customize the app to suit your needs. Here we give you even more details.