Which codes can I scan in with the ITEXIA app?

Here we will show you what options you have when labeling and scanning your objects.

1. QR-Codes

If you order labels from us, you will receive labels with QR codes as standard.


2. Barcodes

You can also use barcodes to label your objects. So you can continue to use your existing barcode labels with ITEXIA.


3. Data Matrix Code

The data matrix code often takes up less space than a conventional QR code - the ITEXIA app is also able to read these codes.


4. QR-Codes on RFID-labels

RFID Etiketten & RFID Labels | Breite Auswahl, Hohe Qualität - YouCard

Our ITEXIA app can be connected to RFID scanners and supports modern RFID technology. We'll show you what exactly RFID tags are here. With them you can scan and record all inventories in the room that are up to 6 meters away from the scanner at once.